16/05/2018 Flame-MR 1.1 is released!

A point release for the Flame-MR 1.x line

  • Improved compatibility with InputFormat and OutputFormat
  • Optimized in-memory data serialization
  • Optimized writing of output data
  • Enable caching of input data in iterative mode
  • New load balancing mode
  • New pipelined merge mode
  • Support for MultipleOutputs
  • Support for old Hadoop API
  • Support for DistributedCache

09/01/2017 Flame-MR 1.0 is released!

This is the first version in the Flame-MR 1.x series.

  • Static memory allocation
  • Reduces object creation
  • Enhances partitioning and sorting of map outputs
  • Redesigns job launching protocol
  • Enables caching of intermediate data
  • Improves Hadoop compatibility
  • Bug fixes

15/03/2016 Flame-MR 0.7.0 is released!

Version 0.7.0 of Flame-MR has been released and can be obtained from the Downloads section.