Flame-MR Homepage

09/01/2017 NEW: Flame-MR 1.0 is released! Check out the News section.

Flame-MR is a MapReduce framework which improves the performance of Hadoop applications. It employs several kinds of optimizations, like avoidance of memory copies, efficient sort and merge algorithms and flexible use of resources. Moreover, its event-driven architecture overlaps the data transferring and processing. Flame-MR also keeps binary compatibility with Hadoop, so applications do not have to be modified or recompiled to be executed. The experimental results show that Flame-MR can reduce the execution time of iterative workloads by a half. Further information about Flame-MR can be found in [1] and in the More Information section.

  • [1] Jorge Veiga, Roberto R. Expósito, Guillermo L. Taboada, Juan Touriño. Flame-MR: An event-driven architecture for MapReduce applications. Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 65, pages 46-56. December 2016. Preprint Online